Friday, December 16, 2011


Join Terra1700 clicking this link...

Terra1700 is a browser game played for fun and enjoyment but if you show your skill in the game you can accumulate huge money and withdraw too to your bank account or Paypal account.

Join Terra1700 by Clicking here.

At first the game goes slow and you should press on. At the start you should concentrate on attacks if you have a number of player for attack later you could concentrate on increasing your wellness.

Wellness is increased by taking food, Wine, clothes and reading newspapers or magazines. But at the start renting Q5 house buying one or two clothes and drinking wine 5 days once is sufficient.

You need money for this and you should earn money to get those.

That which you should not miss is withdrawing your bonus everyday.

You can work daily and get good salary. You not only work but you improve your Economic Score on each day's work continuously. If you work for 5 continuous day you get bonus.

So why not play Terra1700 joining clicking this link...

Join and come let us play Terra1700 and I will be right there to help you out.

Any doubts leave your comments below and it will be answered.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Make Money in ANNO1777

How to play Anno game and make money here. It is easy. First of all you should see whether your country from where you are playing is giving you enough wages and bonuses. If not then shift to a new region.

But before shifting, work at your present place daily for 6 days continuously and collect the bonus. Remember you will never get bonus on your 5th day completion of work. Only at the start of 6th day you will get the Super Bonus that is offered.

You will work for 8 hours only daily remaining time just attack attack and attack. The slaves that you get from attack sell them and get Gold.

If you feel the present country is not paying you enough then shift the region.

For this you need to apply for Citizenship. I shifted from India to Antigua and barbuda. You may join me at Antigua and barbuda after applying to the citizenship.

Have you not joined ANNO1777 game yet then click below to join.

Join Anno1777 clicking this link...

Once you get the citizenship move there, since you are new you need to walk and this will take time according to the distance. If you have Euros then pay 0.1 Euro and you will land up instantly to your destined place. If you have enough money then take a balloon which is cheaper.

Once in the new region concentrate on work and with that money buy Q5 clothes and rent a Q5 house.

It is more profitable to increase your wellness just before you collect the bonus and go to work.

That's said there are some inside tricks naturally is only for those who join from the link you find in this site.

My skype id is odbhaskaran.